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    This is the MySQL Tutorial from the MySQL Reference Manual. .. to create and use a simple database. mysql (sometimes referred to as the “terminal. MySQL is the most popular Open Source Relational SQL Database Management System. MySQL in this tutorial, please notify us at [email protected] MySQL Tutorial in PDF - Learn MySQL from basic to advanced covering database programming clauses command functions administration queries and usage.

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    Mysql Database Tutorial Pdf

    MySQL Workbench is a visual database design tool that integrates SQL development, administration, database design, creation and maintenance into a single. Once you have entered the mysql interface you can select a database to look at ( with the use command) and use any MySQL queries to read, edit, or add data. Section Swapping the names of two MySQL databases. 85 Chapter Connecting with UTF-8 Using Various Programming language. .. Please feel free to share this PDF with anyone for free, latest version of this book can be .

    We put the files in a regular folder on our website. I created a files folder or directory on my website which the files will upload to. In the MySQL database, all you do is place the file name. We also place a description of the file in the database. However, to display the file, all we need is the file name.

    When creating a table in MySQL, we create 3 columns. This column is unique and should be set to autoincrement. It counts sequentially 1 up from any new row of data inserted. So it starts at 1. If you insert 5 rows of data, the fifth row will have an ID of 5. The purpose of it is that it's unique and it gives you a way to order the new uploads in order of when they were uploaded.

    You could also do this in other ways. But this is probably the easiest way of showing the files in order from when they were uploaded. The second column that I created was a description column. This holds a description of the file being entered.

    Generate PDF Report from MySQL Database using Codeigniter

    Once the user puts a description of the file in the text box and uploads the file along with the description, the description of the file entered will be inserted into the descripton column of the table. The third and final column that I created is the filename column. This holds the full file name of the file.

    So if you're uploading a file named records. Since it holds files information, I named the table, 'Files'. You can see the image of the structure of the table below. So you can see the structure of the table above.

    The ID column is of type int Sometimes the user may want to put in a somewhat good description of the file, so we allow up to characters.

    CHAR is a fixed amount. You would use CHAR when every upload is the same amount of characters.

    MySQL Tutorial

    Now you can change default name you can always change it in repository explorer. Click Import to start import. Dataedo now imports schema details.

    When done, close with Finish. Documentation overview You can browse repository explorer to view imported schema objects. You can see in convenient manner the following information: Table and column descriptions Table and column relationships foreign keys Table triggers Object dependencies 5.

    Export to PDF Now it's time to share the documentation with your colleagues. You can share. Also we need to generate HTML table in view.

    Generate documentation for MySQL database in 5 minutes - Dataedo Tutorials

    We will add our additional functionality for generating pdf report from MySQL table here. We will generate pdf report from our MySQL database using Codeigniter but Codeigniter does not provide any built-in functionality for generating pdf report. So we need to use third party library for pdf generation. One such library can be downloaded from the URL tcpdf library. You may delete examples and tools directories from tcpdf directory.

    These directories are not required. These default header and footer functions basically print tcpdf logo, author information etc in the generated pdf files. So you may not like to have those information into your generated pdf files.

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